Florida residents are eligible for Homestead Exemption on their primary home, condominium, co-op apartments and certain mobile home lots. The exemption removes $25,000 off the assessed value of an owner-occupied residence and could provide up to another $25,000 additional exemption of assessed value over $50,000. (This additional exemption does not apply to school millage.) Not only does the homestead exemption lower the value on which you pay taxes, it also limits future annual increased in assessed value to 3% or less.

You can file in person, online, or by mail before March 1st.


For further information:

Duval County:  http://www.coj.net/departments/property-appraiser/exemptions.aspx   

St Johns County:  https://hx.sjcpa.us/ApplyOnline/WebForm1.aspx

Clay County:  https://ccpao.com/real-property/#Homestead


What to bring:

To complete your DR-501 Application, you will need:

·         Recorded Deed or Tax Bill in the applicant’s name

·         Florida Driver’s License or Florida Identification Card with the homestead address

·         Social Security Number for each applicant. (If you are married, Florida law requires both spouses provide a social security number even if both do not live at the homestead property and only one is applying for exemption)

·         Florida Voter’s Registration for each applicant if applicable, you may be required to provide the following additional documentation:

o   Proof that you are a United States citizen

o   Resident Alien Card or proof that you are the parent of a minor child born in the United States who is a U.S. citizen and who lives on the property

o   Mobile Home Registration(s) or Mobile Home Title(s)

o   Copy of the Trust (if the property is held in a trust)

In addition to the proof of Florida residency, you must be residing on the property as your primary residence as of January 1st. Social Security numbers are required for all owners and their spouses making application, even if the spouse does not  own and/or reside on the property.


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